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in conversation with SŚAINT PARFUM


Inspired by their reverence for fragrance and its ethereal qualities and emotive capabilities, we recently sat down with founders and owners Ciara Mahoney and Elle Wallace to talk all things SŚAINT PARFUM. Where did their journey start, what have they learnt along the way, and what memory does their favourite scent evoke.

1. What is SŚAINT PARFUM, and what led you to start your own range of signature scents?

We have a mutual passion for all things fragrance. We had both always dreamt of creating our own signature fragrance, as we were always playing around with and layering our perfume collections. From this, SŚAINT was born.

2. What have you learnt from starting your own business?

You are not a 9-5 worker anymore, it's a 24/7 gig. That might sound intimidating, but when you’re passionate about what you’re doing, it’s so worthwhile. 

We have also learnt the importance of connecting with your customers. SŚAINT is such a customer-centric brand, so we always keep the communication line open for their feedback and suggestions. I think that also really helps to establish trust and build loyalty.

3. What does it mean to use safe synthetics, and why is that an important part of the SŚAINT PARFUM story?

We have a huge appreciation for safe-synthetic materials. There's a common misconception that natural is always best, that good-quality fragrances are made from all-natural materials, and cheap, poor-quality fragrances are all made with harmful synthetics. While harmful ingredients do exist in fragrance, there are many safe, tried and tested synthetics that are not only paraben and phthalate free but are often a safer alternative to natural ingredients.

 It’s not uncommon for modern perfumes to contain ingredients of which 50% are synthetic! We’re seeing perfumers such as Frederic Malle, who launched his latest eau de parfum, 'Synthetic Jungle', really celebrating the presence of synthetic ingredients. We believe we'll see more transparency from brands saying, "hey, this is actually what's in our product", and consumers will respond to that authenticity.


4. Your guiding principles are sustainability and using raw responsible ingredients. What impact has this had on your business, and why is it so important?

Sustainable, cruelty-free and vegan formulas have always been at the core of SŚAINT. Our customers are conscious consumers, and so are we, which means we have been able to establish an authentic connection with customers on another level. We have partnered with i = change, as a way to do good by giving back from every sale.

5. What memory does your favourite scent evoke?

The cade wood note in Smokeshow instantly takes me back to my childhood. It evokes beautiful and warm memories of sitting by a campfire and feeling so free and disconnected from stress.

6. What advice would you give to fellow female leaders?

You’re always going to have competitors, but if you have a strong and unique vision for your brand, passion will always prevail. It's also really important to celebrate the success of other women when you see it. Lift others up and they will do the same. We’re passionate about building a community, creating meaningful connections and collaborating where we can.

7. How do you prioritise and practice self-care?

We’re both mums of two, so for us it's really important to stay fit and healthy with the gym and pilates. We’re also both really into skincare, we visit Dolce Vita Skin every 6 weeks for a facial

8. What does natural, sustainable beauty mean to you?

Sustainable beauty means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. As mums we want to make sure our kids have all the amazing resources we did

9. Where do you find inspiration? What is inspiring you at the moment?

Definitely from our kids. We want to build a beautiful future for them and show them that they can achieve anything they want

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