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Pia Whitesell,
Founder story

Macabalm is a female - founded and Australian made and owned brand that pushes the boundaries on natural organic skincare. By only using the highest quality natural ingredients which are responsibly sourced and carefully selected for their purity and proven efficacy, Macabalm has forged forward as a trusted and environmentally conscious brand within the beauty industry.

As a woman, mother, actress and entrepreneur, Pia sought an innovative and considered approach to organic skincare that also combines sustainability and integrity. Pia's courage and belief in supporting and highlighting the ingredients already found within mother nature, as well as reducing her environmental footprint, has allowed Macabalm to become one of the leading voices and ambassadors for change within skin care.

Macabalm is at the forefront of conscious, organic and sustainable beauty. It is asking more of each of us and of the industry - to know where our products and ingredients originate from and how we can better support the environment around us.

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