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Pia's Favourite Female Founded Brands


As a female founder who has devoted years to innovating and developing a product I've longed for, I believe it's important to take a moment to recognise and honour fellow female founders who have tirelessly reshaped conventional standards within our communities. This International Women's Day, I'm thrilled to highlight some of my favourite female-founded brands.

I invite you to join me in applauding these remarkable women.

Kadee Sweeney

Master Pilates Trainer

Kadee Sweeney is a renowned Master Pilates instructor with 17 years of experience sculpting bodies and minds. Kadee practises a holistic approach to wellness, championing strength and mental well-being. Her KadeeFit app brings her effective workouts to all fitness levels, making health goals achievable for everyone.

“Connecting with our members, being surrounded by amazing brands & feeling the sunshine on my skin truly fills me up. Meeting everyone in person and leading classes is one of my favourite things — I’m all about community.”

@kadeefit /


Molly Sims

YSE Beauty Exfoliating Pads

Perfectly edited, can't-live-without skincare products for bare-faced beauty. Founded by Molly Sims who struggled with skin problems for many years, the brand's products are designed to be effective and gentle, all while adhering to strict quality and ingredient standards.

”It took 3 years, hundreds of formulations (and one too many palomas to count!) but I finally perfected my holy grail skincare routine – a routine that delivers genuine, bare-faced beauty.”

@ysebeauty /

Jessica Bragdon

Koala Eco

Born out of a desire to find eco-friendly, non-toxic products that were both efficacious and safe for even the littlest members of every household, the KOALA ECO range of household and personal care products harnesses the power of potent botanicals and plant-based ingredients to inspire a safe, caring, and beautiful world.

“We take the ‘eco’ part of our name very seriously, because for us it just isn’t enough to make products that are environmentally friendly; we also want to do something constructive to support the efforts of charities and organisations that are actively fighting for the wellbeing of the planet.”

@koalaeco /


Louise Edgley


SLVRLAKE Denim is a luxury line of premium denim handcrafted in Los Angeles, committed to using the highest quality of material creating timeless garments that are built to stand the test of time.

”When we started, we just felt there was a real lack of true quality and craftsmanship in the premium denim space. Most brands had moved production offshore and you could see a genuine drop in quality and standards. We wanted to create products that truly lived by a premium standard. We work only with the finest quality fabrics, all made ethically and sustainably in Los Angeles.”

@slvrlake.denim /



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