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Top ten uses for macabalm


If you ask our founder why she created macabalm, the answer is always the same.

“I wanted to create a hero product made from all-natural, all Australian ingredients that is kind on skin, gentle on the planet and that has multiple uses that are suitable for people from all walks of life.” - Pia.

For mother, for baby, for sister, for brother and for lover - macabalm is your multitasking balm with endless uses.

In a beauty market bursting at the seams - where we are encouraged to source multiple products to achieve the results we desire - not only is it expensive, but it’s unrealistic.

Enter macabalm: available in a conveniently sized 15ml, 30ml and 50ml made for the busy mums, the stressed out students, those in need of a mini manicure on the way to work, the tradesman out in the hot sun, and the girl on her way to a ladies night out who wants a quick glow.

In the meantime, we've rounded up our top ten uses for macabalm - as voted by you, our community!

Layer those lips

It might seem like the most obvious considering we’re a ‘balm’, but the healing properties of the macadamia butter paired with Kakadu Plum hydrate the lips like no other. So pucker up! Softer lips than ever before incoming.

Soften your cuticles

It happens to the best of us - dry cuticles are annoying, uncomfortable, and unsightly - even if it’s only you that notices them. But never fear, macabalm is an instant surge of moisture without leaving your fingertips greasy.

Get that glow

The glow you never knew you needed! We love applying macabalm to our cheekbones, the bridge of our nose, and the tops of our eyelids to create a subtle, healthy glow.


Our macababe community have been getting inventive with how they use their macabalm. We’ve had so many of you share your top tips on adding macabalm to your beauty routine - including mixing it with your favourite eyeshadow to create a barely-there shimmer, or as an all natural highlighter and brow gel.

Mumma’s miracle balm

Disclaimer - we’re not in the business of telling you what is right for your baby. But so many maca-mums swear by the product for their baby’s nappy rash, and some are even using it for soothing during nursing.

A mini-mask at home

A tip hand-picked by our founder, Pia, who herself does this a couple of times each week. Apply a thin layer of macabalm all over your face in the evening, then either leave for an hour or wash off in the morning to reveal a wholesome, healthy glow.

Hydrate that hair

Do you ever sit there and look at your hair and think your split ends could use a little love? Before your regular shampoo and conditioner routine, apply a little macabalm to the dry tips of your locks. After washing out thoroughly you’ll notice your ends are softer than ever.

Soothe your burns

We all scar ourselves with little burns from time to time. On the hair straighteners, on the oven - or maybe even a little sunburn - the healing properties of the native Kakadu Plum and its potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties have a healing and remedial effect on the skin.

Life’s everyday cuts and scrapes

The same can be said for those little cuts and scrapes your kids seem to have on the regular. In fact, our founder Pia created macabalm with that in mind. “I’m the mum who deals with regular scrapes and scabs on elbows and knees from my sons’ skateboarding mishaps”.

Eliminate dry elbows and knees

None of us were made to keep the ultra smooth elbows and knees we were born with. That’s just not how life works. With a little help from macabalm, though, you’ll start to notice softer skin after just a week of applying to drier areas of skin.

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